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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


M. Publicans.

Maitland james m.
Maitland jim.
Maitland john.
Mallarky james.
Mallarky martin.
Mallarky mrs.
Mallarky mrs.
Mallon raymond.
Marshall william.
Marshall w j.
Martin bill.
Martin j.m.
Martin w.
Martin william.
Masterton pc.
Matheson r j.
Maxwell samuel.
Mayger charles w.
Mearns james.
Meikle william.
Meiklem robert.
Menzies d.
Mercer j s w.. (Ind Coope.)
Middleton john.
Millar robins.
Millen ( Jock Mills) john.
Millen james.
Millen c g .
Millen d r.
Millen james.
Millen j robert.
Miller james.
Miller james.
Miller william.
Milligan thomas.
Millroy willy.
Milne edna.
Milne elspeth.
Milne john e.
Milne john e.
Milne mary mrs.
Mone arthur.
Montgomery archibald.
Montgomery james.
Moodie robert.
Moppatt ronald.
Morrison a jack.
Morrison james t.
Morrison john.
Morrison robert.
Morrison robert.
Morrison watson.
Morrison william.
Morrison william.
Mort w r. (william younger & co.)
Mortimer james.
Mossman john.
Muir joseph.
Muirhead james.
Mulholland e.
Mulholland james.
Munn walter.
Munro b frank.
Munro frank.
Munro frank.
Munro hector.
Murawska lee.
Murdoch william. University Restaurant.
Murphy j.
Murphy j.
Murray james.
Murray a john.
Murray j john.
Murray mary mrs.
Murray t. d.
Myron walter.


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