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M J Heraghty.

708 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow. G41 2AD. Tel: 01414230380.

Heraghty's Bar

M J Heraghty. 1991.

This is an old south side local established in 1890 by Dugald McLachlan.

In 1894 George Thomson was running this old pub paying an annul rent of £39 10 shillings. The Thomson family ran a successful business here for many years as did the Marshall Family. The pub was known as the Golden Star.

M J Heraghty is named after Michael J Heraghty who was a well respected member of the Glasgow licensed trade. Mr Heraghty was convenor of the Glasgow and District Licensed Trade Defence Association. Michael owned an old pub an 15 Norfolk Street and renamed it the Garryowen Bar, in 1960, he also owned Heraghty's Inn, at 188 Oxford Street.

Heraghty interior

The last night at the Garryowen Bar, Norfolk Street, in the picture is Mr & Mrs Heraghty, D A MacLean (Phoenix); H Gallagher (Gallagher's Bar); J McKell (Turf Bar); S Falconer (The Matelot); E O'Doherty (Hampden Bar); P McGovern (Central Bar); J McCann (Mally Arms).

In 1972 the Garryowen was forced to close as a result in the City Council's redevelopment plans for the Gorbals. Mr & Mrs Heraghty held a farewell gathering in the old pub before it closed it's door for the last time. Publicans and friends from other south side pub came to the last night of this old historic pub.

Heraghty interior4

Michael J Heraghty right on the retirement of J K Webster. left to right Sam Falconer, Mr Webster, Mrs Webster and Mr Heraghty. 1968.

M J Heraghty has been trading in Pollokshaws Road now for over 30 years and is there to remind us of a once well respected south side publican and is still a family run business.

Heraghty 4

Gorbals Ward Licensed Trade Association 1965. back left to right J Thom, M J Heraghty, N Douglas, C Sweeney, J K Webster. front P McGovern, H Gallagher, S Falconer, R McCrudden.

The following photograph's are of different functions with Mr J Heraghty and friend's.

Heraghty interior1

Group Image

Left to Right: Michael J Heraghty, (Heraghty's Inn); Raymond Strain, (Eadie Cairns); Mrs Strain; and Mrs and Mr J A Baillie (Guinness, Glasgow). 1971.



Gorbals group 1974

Gorbals group photo 1974. The image includes Mrs M Mallarky; Charles Sweeney; Michael Heraghty, convener and Mrs Heraghty; G Watt (Bell's Whisky); Eamon O'Doherty; Mrs O'Doherty; H Gallagher and Mrs Gallagher; J Donaghey and Mrs Donaghey.


Heraghty's Nameplate

Heraghty's nameplate on the front door of the pub.

Stained Glass window

This stained glass window is above the doorway of the pub. 2008.

Etched glass window

One on the etched glass windows on the front of the pub. 2008.


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