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The Gorbals.

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Do you remember any of these public houses in the Gorbals area of the city...

Apsley the. Balmoral the. Bellwood the. Bible Class the. Boat House the. Birch the. Brown's. Cairn's. Cavendish the. Challenge the. Elder's. Emerald Isle. Errol the. Ferry the. Glen the. Glenbervie the. Globe the. Glue Pot the. Goldie's. Grapes the. Hanlon's. Haven the. Hole in the wall the. Ivy the. Kildonan the. Kings Arms the. Leonard's. Lion the. Locheil the. Logan the. Lorimer the. Loudon the. Marr's. Moffat Arms. Moir's. Molloy's. Morrison's. Moulin Rouge the. Munro's. Oak Tree the. Orchard the. Oval the. Oxford the. Rosie's. St John the. Sharp's. Splash the. Sproule's. Stag the. Struan the. Subway the. Surrey the. Sweeney's. Trueman's Bar. Tyre the. Watt's. Wellington the. White Horse the. Why Not the. Winton's.

The Gorbals Ward...

Gorbals Ward 1972

Resounding Success For Gorbals Ward 1971

The annual dinner dance of the Gorbals Ward of the Glasgow and District Licensed Trade Defence Association, held in the Bellahouston, Hotel, Glasgow, was the usual resounding success.

The top table group at the function included in the front row are Mr. Sam Falconer, convener, and Mrs. Falconer (centre); Mr. George Grier, president of the Glasgow and District L.T.D.A., and Mrs Grier (right); and Mr. I G. Donaldson, managing director of Carlsberg Scottish Importers (second from left), who was principal guest. In the picture also, with their ladies, are Mr Frank Munro; Mr. Charles Sweeney, Mr. Alex R. D. Anderson, editor, National Guardian; Mr. George Ramster, secretary, Glasgow Association; and Mr. Michael J. Heraghty.

group of the Gorbals Ward

Do you know who these guy's are Mr. ? Mrs. ? Mrs. and Mr Donald MacLean. 1971.

Gorbals Ward 1971

Mr. Michael J. Heraghty, (Heraghty's Inn); Mr. Raymond Strain (Eadie Cairns), and Mrs. Strain; and Mrs. and Mr. J. A. Baillie (Guinness, Glasgow.) 1971.


In the News 1974...

Arthur Bell & Sons tasting group image 1974

Arthur Bell & Sons recently held tasting in Lerwick for the Shetland L. T. A. and in the Beechwood Restaurant, Glasgow, for the Gorbals Ward of the Glasgow Association. In the group above, Mr. Iain Gordon, Bell's Scottish regional sales manager, is seen pouring a dram for Les Allan, licensee of "The Thule", in Lerwick and president of Shetland L. T. A. 1974.

Gorbals ward group image 1974

The Gorbals group includes Mrs. M. Malarkey; C. Sweeney; M. J. Heraghty, convener, and Mrs. Heraghty; G. Watt (Bell's); Eamon O'Doherty, and Mrs O'Doherty; H. Gallagher, and Mrs. Gallagher; and J. Donaghey and Mrs. Donaghey. 1974.

In the News 1974...

Another Great Night for Gorbals.

Gorbals Ward dinner dance 1974

The annual dinner-dance of the Gorbals Ward of the Glasgow Licensed Trade Association was again a highly successful occasion, attended by a company of 350 and held in the Albany Hotel. Mr. Michael J. Heraghty, Gorbals ward convener, presided over the company, among whom the principal guest was Mr. William D. B. Wishart, director, A. & A. Crawford.

Pictured here are: Mr. R. T. Grier, senior vice-president, Glasgow Licensed Trade Association; Mrs. Grier; Mr. William D. B. Wishart; Mr. M. J. Heraghty; Mrs. Heraghty; Mr. J. B. McCann, secretary; Mrs. McCann. 1974.

Gorbals Licensed Trade dinner dance 1974

Pictured here are: Mr. G. H. Ramster, secretary, Glasgow Association; Mrs. Ramster; Mr. H. Gallagher, Gallagher's Bar; Mrs. Gallagher; Mrs. Sweeney; Mr. Charles Sweeney, Citizen's Bar; Mrs. Munro, Mr. Frank Munro, committee. 1974.


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