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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Cathkin Vaults.

16-18 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow.

Cathkin Vaults

Drawing of the Cathkin Vaults. 1892.

To read the history of the Cathkin Vaults Click here.

Mr James McDonald

Mr James McDonald Landlord. 1892.

In 1893 an interesting ceremony took place in Transfield's Circus, South Side, in which Mr James McDonald of the Cathkin Vaults, played a prominent part. The occasion was the presentation of a handsome watch and chain and appendages to Mr Jennings the ringmaster. Mr McDonald handed over the testimonial in full view of the audience, paying a high tribute to the personal worth and exceptional abilities of Mr Jennings. He also alluded to the establishment of Mr Transfield's Circus as one of the greatest boons to the public on the south side of Glasgow and spoke in high terms of its proprietor.


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