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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan



Further Reading.

Glasgow Pubs and Publicans

You can purchase my book entitled Glasgow Pubs & Publicans at the price of £11.99 or at any good book sellers. If you purchase the book from here you will receive a signed copy. This 160 page book contains over 200 photographs and images of pubs and publicans. Its a great collection of Glasgow's old and forgotten pubs, a must for anyone interested in local history or pubs.


Up & Doon the Gallowgate

The 11 page booklet was put together as a request from the Hielan Jessie, Gallowgate, Glasgow. The Hielan Jessie is the Jewel in the Crown of East End pubs and one of my favourite in the City of Glasgow. Over the years the locals have gathered together in the Hielan Jessie and reminisce of old pubs on the Gallowgate. Many have disagreed on the names and locations of the forgotten pubs which sparked landlord Billy Gold to contact me on the subject, as I have twenty five years experience on the subject of Glasgow Pubs, this short booklet will solve many of the disagreements and will equally create more. This booklet costs £3.00. Other short booklets will follow!

The history of your local

Why not convince your landlord to purchase a full history of his establishment. Most of the histories will contain old photographs of the interior , exterior and maybe one of the publicans that ran the pub.

Old Photographs

All the photographs on this Web Site have been reduced in size and quality to save web space, however a more detail copy can be reproduced at a small cost, please email on the contact link or click here

New photographs of public houses

If you would like a photograph of your local taken at night to give a warm and ghostly feel to it, a sketch drawing, a water colour, an oil effect or an arty photograph, we will send out one of our fully trained artists to do the job from as little as £5.00.

Repairs on old or new photography

This service of repairs can be done over the internet at a very low cost from as little as £2.00.


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