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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


John McCall.

Era Vaults, 126 West Nile Street, Glasgow.


Mr John McCall

Mr John McCall.

John McCall was born in Girvan, in 1872 he opened his first public house at 61 George Street, Glasgow. He previously had ten years experience in the trade as a manager. He temporarily retire due to ill health and disposed of the pub in George Street. After a spell in England Mr McCall was restored to good health and came back to Glasgow purchasing a pub at the corner of Bath Street and West Nile Street and renamed the premises to The Era Vaults.

The pub was situated in theatre land and was frequented by journalists and theatre lovers, all the leading theatrical papers were always at hand in the pub. This old pub became known as the Bay Horse which was mysteriously burnt to the ground a few years ago.




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