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Agents, Breweries and Distillers.

Agents, Breweries and Distillers.


Glasgow Licensess' visit Harp 1973

Glasgow Visitors to Harp Lager.

A party of licensees' from Glasgow who visited the Harp Lager Brewery in Edinburgh were welcomed by Mr. A. T. Wilson, Scottish sales manager, Harp Lager, and accompanied by Mr. D. Crines, Scottish & Newcastle Breweries Ltd., and Mr. R. Simpson, Arthur Guinness Son & Co. Ltd.

Pictured at the brewery, before lunching at the Barnton Hotel are: Mr. and Mrs. J. McDevitt, 39 Houston Street, Glasgow; Mr. J. Lynd and Miss Lynd, 73 West Princess Street, Glasgow; Mr. J. Hastings and partner, 1097 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow; Mr. & Mrs. Alexander, 158 Main Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow; Mr. John Hutton and Mr. Craigen, 163 Maxwelltown Avenue, East Kilbride; Mr. R. Shirley, The Moorings, Arrochar; Mr. and Mrs. J. Dunne, Darnley Street, Glasgow; Mr. Wilson; Mr. Crines; and Mr. Simpson. 1973.

In the News 1974...

Terry Doherty of Harp Lager 1974

Mt. Terry Doherty. 1974.

Harp Lager Ltd., announce the appointment of Mr. Terry Doherty as sales manager for Scotland and North-East England, following the retirement of Mr. A. T. Wilson.

Terry Doherty joined Harp in May 1973, following a successful sales career in Guinness, with whom he was latterly administrator for Scotland and North-East England. 1974.


In the News 1974...

Tom and Lockhart Ferguson 1974

Brothers who are not rivals.

Meet two brothers in the licensed trade, Tom (left) and Lockhart Ferguson. But they are not rivals. For Tom is on the brewery side as managing director of Whitbread (Scotland) Ltd., while Lockhart is sales director of the champagne and wines firm of H. Parrot & Co. Ltd.

Parrot, agents for the well-known champagne house, Veuve Cliquot, gave a luncheon in Glasgow last week for a few trade friend to sample their Louis Latour Burgundy, Trimbach Alsace and Anheuser Nahe wines.

After the excellent quality of the wines shown was praised, guests were served with Parrot's Premier family reserve cognac. 1974.

Messrs. John Haig & Co., distillers, Markinch, sent out a blotter which formed a capital advertisement for their celebrated "Glenleven" whisky, 1893. There was a verse for every month in the year, and the rhythm is after the style of Longfellow's stirring poem, "Excelsior," which had been ingeniously paraphrased to suit the occasion. For example:- "Tis nectar for the gods, he said; Before my weary way I trend, I'll stand with pleasure glasses round, I'm more than happy now I've found- Glenleven."

Latest headgear at Grant's annual lunch

Staff of Grants Distillery 1972

All the ladies were wearing fancy hats at this annual lunch, of Grant & Sons Ltd, Glasgow. 1972.

Laing alex, Whyte and MacKay Ltd.

In the News 1974...

Matthew Lamont of Peter Thomson Perth Ltd 1974

Matthew Lamont, better known as Callum, has taken up a new appointment with Peter Thomson (Perth) Ltd., that of product manager, table wines. His duties will be mainly concerned with wine development and marketing.

Before joining Thomson's three years ago, Mr Lamont was in business on his own account in Irvine. He and his wife have four of a family, and have now made their home in Abernethy.

A good deal of Mr. Lamont's time will be spent helping hoteliers with their wine lists, and he will be prepared to travel anywhere in Scotland to assist with wine problems.

Mr C C Holmen, head manager of the brewing department at Carlsberg.

McVey daniel. of Messrs. Maclay & Company, Thistle Brewery, Alloa.

Kenneth Ross, managing director of Wm. Sanderson & Son Ltd. 1974.

Scottish & Newcastle Breweries.

Strathisla Distillery.


Tennent Caledonian Breweries.

White Horse Distillers Ltd.

White james, Glasgow, Agent for McEwan's, Edinburgh, Brewery.

Whyte & Mackay.


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