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James White.

Glasgow Agent, for McEwan's, Edinburgh, Brewery.

Mr James White

Mr James White, 1892.

Mr James White, Agent for McEwan's, Edinburgh, Brewery. Mr William McEwan the founder of the firm was an M. P. in 1892. The firm had travellers and agents in every part of the world and the staff was one of the largest of any similar establishment in Scotland. The turnover for 1891 was over half a million pounds. In Glasgow Mr White was assisted by four travellers.

James was born in 1847 in a village in the neighbourhood of Stirling. When he was seventeen years of age, he left home and headed for Glasgow. He found employment in various firms in the town until he joined the staff on McEwan's, Edinburgh Brewery. For twenty years he had, without a break, been connected with the firm, eighteen of which he was a traveller, moving to and fro popularising and extending the influence of his employers. Mr White looked after himself, and was a great believer in the axiom that a sound mind in a sound body is essential to success in whatever walk of life a man chooses. He was a very hard working man, one of McEwan's best workers, he did not believe in a flourish of trumpets, but worked quietly away, regardless of the competition around him, with the result that McEwan's beer was almost universally used, not only in Glasgow, but throughout the west of Scotland.

James White was not a politician, nor did he take part in any particular interest in affairs connected with the city, but for years he had been an active promoter of every scheme that had for its object the consolidation of the Trade and the benefit of its members. He had a large family and makes his home his castle, and seldom or ever takes part in social gatherings. He attributes the success of McEwan's ales to their quality. If the public did not find them up to what they were represented, he was confident they would not accept them.

Mr White was in charge of the agency in Glasgow and he had shown the firm that he was a capable businessman and well fitted to guide and direct the men under his control, he proved a valuable acquisition to the commercial life of Glasgow.



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