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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Killearn Bar.

39 Houston Street / corner of 90 Watt Street, Glasgow.

image of James McDevitt, J Boyle and P Byrne with their wives 1975.

Left to right James McDevitt of the Killearn Bar; John Boyle of Dixon Blazes; and Peter Byrne of the New Hawthorn Bar. 1975.

The Killearn Bar sometimes called McDevitt's Bar sat at the corner of Houston Street and Watt Street in the south side of Glasgow.

There has been a public house on this site since 1868. Thomas Little was the first licensee. Mr Little resided next door to his pub. Thomas Little continued as licensee until 1889.

In 1893 Duncan Menzies was the licence holder, he lived at 48 Plantation Street before moving to 3 Wallacegrove Street. Duncan traded here until 1897.

Hugh Doherty was the next landlord from 1898 to 1916. Hugh also had a popular bar at 108 Rottenrow and 16 South Wellington Street.

In 1916 Patrick J Greenan took over the licence. Patrick lived with his family at 94 Alexandra Parade in the East End of the City. Mr Greenan continued in the bar after the Second World War.

In 1955 Charles Gibson was running the pub.

image of Charles Gibson starting to take pennies of a mirror in 1955.

Charles Gibson starting the task of taking pennies of this large mirror. 1955. The money collected from the mirror will go to the Eastpark Home for Infirm Children, Glasgow.

This was a regular thing in those days, locals would stick coins onto a large mirror by means of putting beer on a coin and placing in on the mirror, when dried it set like glue. This was done for charity. The hard work was trying to get the coins off the mirror. On many occasions this discoloured the mirror and in some cases cracked them.

In 1950 John Boyd was a well known figure in the pub.

In the 1960s Many will remember Jessie Hastie who ran the pub before James F McDevitt who acquire the licence on 8th March 1966. The McDevitt family continued in the pub until it was finally demolished in the late 70s early 1980s.

James F McDevitt also ran a popular bar in Norfolk Street called J McDevitt formerly known as the Garry Owen Bar.

Glasgow Licensees' visit Harp lager 1973

Glasgow Visitors to Harp Lager.

A party of licensees' from Glasgow who visited the Harp Lager Brewery in Edinburgh were welcomed by Mr. A. T. Wilson, Scottish sales manager, Harp Lager, and accompanied by Mr. D. Crines, Scottish & Newcastle Breweries Ltd., and Mr. R. Simpson, Arthur Guinness Son & Co. Ltd.

Pictured at the brewery, before lunching at the Barnton Hotel are: Mr. and Mrs. J. McDevitt, 39 Houston Street, Glasgow; Mr. J. Lynd and Miss Lynd, 73 West Princess Street, Glasgow; Mr. J. Hastings and partner, 1097 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow; Mr. & Mrs. Alexander, 158 Main Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow; Mr. John Hutton and Mr. Craigen, 163 Maxwelltown Avenue, East Kilbride; Mr. R. Shirley, The Moorings, Arrochar; Mr. and Mrs. J. Dunne, Darnley Street, Glasgow; Mr. Wilson; Mr. Crines; and Mr. Simpson. 1973.


In the News 1974...

J McDevitt and friends 1974

After the a.g.m. last week of the Glasgow Association in the Bellahouston Hotel, members were entertained to hospitality by several host companies: Ind Coope; White Horse; United Rum Merchants; Schweppes and Player's. Pictured above are: D. Wood (White Horse); I. Parsons (Schweppes); W. A. Morrison; Miss Irene Gillon: D. A. MacLean; J. Young; A. Stewart; and J. McDevitt. 1974.


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