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Daniel McVey.

Of Messrs., Maclay & Company, Thistle Brewery, Alloa.


In 1853 Mr Daniel McVey was born in the village of Callander, he was educated at the village school, he came from a good Scottish stock of farmers for generations in the area. After leaving school he was apprenticed to the well-known firm of Messrs D & J McEwan, grocers and wine merchants, Callander and Stirling, with whom he served his time and was fortunate in completing it in such a way as to gain their commendation. He left for Glasgow to find his fortune and entering the employment of Messrs. James Keppie & Company, tobacco manufacturers, for two years he was engaged in the office of the firm, during which time he so gained the confidence of the principals that he was started to travel under the age of twenty, a thing almost unheard of in those days.

Perhaps he was the youngest traveller on the road, he gained so much experience here. Ultimately the business was sold, and Mr McVey was appointed to travel for Messrs., Melvin & Company, Brewers, Edinburgh, taking the Scotch and North of England journeys. That he was a most successful traveller may be inferred from the fact that he remained with them for the long period of fifteen years. When the Thistle Brewery was purchased by Messrs. Maclay & Company he joined that firm, where he remained for years.

In his spare time he was fond of horses and dogs, he was a thorough judge of them and had been a successful competitor with both, while he was a keen curler in the rinks of the Rabbie Burns and Northern Clubs. He was a deacon and a free presses and belonged among many others, to that ancient society the Anderston Weavers.


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