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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


W. Publicans.

Walker archibald.
Walker duncan.
Walker george christie.
Walker edward.
Walker john.
Walker j.
Walker patrick v.
Walker william.
Wallace mr. and mrs. i
Ward a.
Ward george.
Ward r. c.
Waterson john.
Wauchope andrew.
Webster j k.
Webster j k.
Webster robert w.
Webster w h.
Weir robert d.
Welsh d.
Welsh richard.
Wharry peter.
White john.
White john.
White peter.
Whyte alexander stewart commissioner.
Williamson c mrs.
Williamson joseph.
Williamson m mrs.
Williamson robert.
Wilson archibald.
Wilson r.
Wingate jack.
Wood a douglas.
Walker christie george.
Ward john.
Watson c charles .
Watt g.
Webster james k.
Webster james k.
Whyte j.
Williamson george.
Williamson mr. (manager of the Locarno club.)
Wilson r.
Wilson archibald.
Wilson thomas.
Wilson thomas.
Wright w g r. (sales manager Wm Grant & Sons Ltd)
Wylie h j.
Wyllie h w.
Wylie w h. (vice-president Royalty Club) of Booth's Gin.)
Wyper john.
Wyper james s.
Wyper r.d.


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