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Arlington Bar.

130 Woodlands Road, Glasgow. G3 6HB. Tel :0141 572 5921.

Arlington Bar

The Arlington Bar. 1991.

There’s been a pub on this site since 1860 operated by William Allan, William had 2 other pubs one on Shamrock Street and the other on Smith Street Whiteinch.

James Lindsay took over the business in 1887. James was one of Glasgow’s well known publicans, he owned the Sou Wester Vaults on Bridge Street, he had other pubs on Blackburn Street and McLean Street. James Lindsay was also an agent for the "The Palace" which was a brewery company in Edinburgh. United Breweries was registered as a limited company on 14th December 1889 and took over four Edinburgh brewing businesses, Robert Disher & Co, Edinburgh & Leith Brewery, Ritchie & Son Bell's Brewery, Robin MacMillan & Co Summerhall Brewery and David Nicolson Palace Brewery at a purchase price of £320.000.United Breweries went into Liquidation around 1934.

There is a large advertising mirror in the Sou Wester for The Palace Brewery, with James Lindsay as agent.

Charles Sweeney took over the Arlington Bar in 1958

interior of the Arlington Bar

Left to right Mr A Ferry of the Alamo, Mr J Devlin, the Oxford, Mr T McEntee the Express Bar and Mr Charles Sweeney at the Vintners Golf Club function in Glasgow 1966.

Also see E Smyth.

Charles Sweeney with group from the Vintners Golf Club 1970

Golfing Vintners' Big Night Out.

The Glasgow Vintners Golf Club's annual dinner and dance and presentation of prizes in the Eagle Lodge, Bishopbriggs, was a tremendous Success.

Pictured shows a group of prizewinners. from left Charles Sweeney, Arlington Bar (Captain's Prize); Jack Devlin, Oxford Bar (Cantrell & Cochrane Cup); John Boyle, Waverley Bar (Queen Anne Trophy); Tony Ferry, Alamo Bar, Paisley (Silver Stag and Club Championship); Hugh McLaughlin, Ascot Bar (Dunn & Moore Coronation Cup); Peter Smith Shedden's Bar (Skol Cup); Bill Martin, Calypso Bar (Vintner's Tankard); Eddie Smyth, Anvil Bar (The Younger Putter); Ian Kennedy Molls Mire (The Brady Trophy).


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