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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Welcome to Up-to-date News.




Whisky Broker Robert Brown, 17 Hope Street, Glasgow. A selection of the firms Whisky blends.


We met up with John Martin of The Scottish Brewing Archives. John travelled from Edinburgh to meet us at the Brewing Archives at Thurso Street to discuss one of our new projects. We will keep you updated on this.

We would also like to thank everyone who has sent up images for the website and hope we can get them updated soon.


Updated the Roseneath Cottage Bar, 249-251 Paisley Road, Kingston.

Many thanks to all that have bought my book Glasgow Pubs and Publicans.


Polaris Missile

What has this picture and Glasgow's nightlife got in common: Nuclear Pub Fleet. Why the United States Wanted missiles on the River Clyde. Britain was forced to base its nuclear deterrent on the Clyde so that America sailors could enjoy nights out in nearby Glasgow.

Newly declassified Top Secret documents show that Harold MacMillan, then Prime Minister, was strongly opposed to having American weapons stored within 30 miles of Scotland's largest city in the 1960s.

He tried to persuade President Dwight D Eisenhower that subs carrying Polaris missiles should be sited in more remote locations in Cornwall, Wales or Loch Linnhe, near Fort William, rather than the Holy Loch in Dunoon. But Eisenhower insisted that his men be based near a large city like Glasgow because it would be better for morale and they could relax and have fun on their shore leave.

Between 1962 and 1992 Holy Loch near Dunoon was the home base of the US Navy's Submarine Squadron and about 2000 US servicemen.

Bloc +, 117 Bath Street: Staff get death threats.


MacSorley's Bar, Jamaica Street opened up again at the end of June and is still going strong.

The Red Lion, 99 Paisley Road West is now closed for good. The Glasgow housing will knock it down and build new flats and accommodation.

The Old Toll Bar, Paisley Road Toll, is getting a face lift. After closure of 2 years we at Old Glasgow Pubs went to investigate and to make sure the interior was not in any way dismantled. We got a shock when we first arrived at the Old Toll and discovered lots of wood and black bags of rubble outside the premises. As we went inside the pub the interior was still intact, the outside has been painted as well as the interior. New coats of paint on the walls and new toilets. We should see the Old Toll Bar open in two weeks time. View images 2016.

A new pub on Paisley Road, the Union Bar, formerly the Merchant Quay, to view new images 2016 click here.

We visited the The Stanley Bar, Stanley Street, Kinning Park. One of the very few Celtic Pubs in the area. John & Elaine welcomes New and Old customers to the Stanley Bar.



The Old Whitefield Bar, 457-59 Govan Road.



Happy New Year to all of you and hope 2016 is a good one for you.

Did you live in Garscube Road area. If so can you remember these pubs: Fallon's, The Round Toll, Duffy's, The Noggin, O'Donald's, Dirty Dick's, The Whangie, No Ones, McLeod's, The Grove, Taylor's Bar. If the answer is YES to any of them PLEASE PLEASE get in touch.

Cheers John Gorevan.





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