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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Eglinton Street.

24 Pubs found.
Bowling Green Inn. 179
Burns. 237
Cathkin Bar. 311
Clydesdale Bar. 140
Coliseum Bar. 76-78
Cottage Bar. 60
Devon Bar. 355
Eglinton Arms. 237
Errigal View. 311
Glen Finnan. 237
Gordon the. 429
Hunter's Bar. 127
Kiloran Bar. 219
Mally Arms. 13
Miller's. 237
Moffat Arms the. 15
The Office. 237
Quadrivium. 537
Reid's Bar. 177
The Rendezvous Bar. 311
Southern Bar the. 60
Stags Head. 127
Station Bar. 69
Star Bar the. 539

In 1891 at the Southern Police Court, Glasgow. Bailie Bowman on the bench, James Stirling, publican, 491 Eglinton Street, was charged with having on the 25th March sold within his premises a glass of rum and a glass of beer to a woman named Ann Miller Smith or Malloy, who, it was alleged, was the worse of liquor at the time. Accused denied the charge. A constable said he was standing in Eglinton Street and saw Mrs Malloy making her way along the street to a public house, which she entered. She was at once put out. He then observed her enter another pub, and again she was ejected. She afterwards went into Stirling's shop, and witness and another constable, followed and found her leaning over the bar with a glass of rum and a glass of beer on the counter before her, and also some change, which the shopman had given her. They saw her drink the rum and them the beer. She afterwards left the pub, and, on getting outside, collapsed on the pavement. John Stirling, son of the accused, admitted having supplied the woman with drink, but denied that she was the worse for liquor. Mrs Malloy said she remembered perfectly all that had taken place. She was not drunk at all. The charge was found proven, however, and Stirling was found two guineas, the alternative being 10 days imprisonment.


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