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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan

Welcome to Old Glasgow Pubs.

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Glasgow pubs are more than just drinking establishments. They are historic landmarks, the focal points for special occasions and, in the past, the meeting places for the city's merchants, tobacco lords and many Glasgow societies. They are one of the oldest established businesses in Glasgow, occupying prominent sites throughout the city. In short, Glasgow's pubs are an important part of the city's rich cultural and architectural heritage.

Hundreds of historic pubs have been lost following the City Council's extensive redevelopment programmes from the 1950s, this is why it is important that a web site has been brought together to record all those lost and forgotten pubs.

Glasgow Pubs

Empire Bar GallowgateRoyalty Bar West Nile StreetRabbie Burns Bar TrongateJ C Galloway's bar and restaurant

This web site has been developed to record our local landmarks and to give a brief history on when the pub was established. The site will also record all the publicans who held the licence for the establishment and to record as much information on the pub as possible to insure that it will never be lost. So many of the local pubs in this great city have been demolished and the names of them have been forgotten, this site will hopefully bring back some good memories.

Forgotten Pubs.

With your help we can name many of the forgotten pubs in Glasgow. For example can you remember the Shakespeare Bar on Raeberry Street, or do you known where these pubs were situated.

Bishop Street Pub

Do you know the name of this pub on the right hand side of the image above ?

The New Era Bar Gorbals

The New Era Bar, Gorbals.

The Crook Inn Udddingston

The Crook Inn, Uddingston.

Robert Lauchlan's Pub

Robert Lachlan, Wine & Spirit Merchant. Possibly 23 Church Street, Hamilton.

A B Stevenson

Glasgow Publicans.

For every good pub in the city, there has been a good publican. This web site will bring to light both what the Glasgow pub was like and what the publican's life was like. What hobbies did the landlord have and what societies he was a member of. What liquor was stocked in your favourite local and how much has the price of a pint and a nip of whisky changed over the years. All this will be answered in this great web site.

Scottish Licensed Trade

Members of the Scottish Licensed Trade.

Brewers Distillers and Agents

Breweries, Distillers and Agents.

Royalty Burns Club.

Pubs in other areas

Pubs in other areas

Although this web site has been developed mainly of the Glasgow pub and publican I have over the years collected a number of photographs and histories on pubs and publicans outside the city walls. These include Coatbridge, Hamilton, Wishaw, Cambuslang, Blantyre, Uddingston. As this web site develops pubs and publicans from all over Scotland will be included.

Pub Photographs

Over the years I have collected a large number of pub fronts and interior photographs, these have been reduced in size to save web space. If you require a copy of any of the photographs in this site a small charge will be expected.

Your Help

As this web site develops into one of the largest collection of pubs and publicans, it would not grow in size if it wasn't for the input you give. If you have a story to tell about a pub or publican please get in touch. Something as simple as a name of a pub could bring back memories to some who has forgotten the name. If you have an old photograph even if it is only a few years old please get in touch and we will publish your image and information on this site.

The site will regularly be updated with new photographs, stories with your help.


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