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The Office.

237 Eglinton Street, Glasgow.

The Office Eglinton Street

The Office, circa 1960s.

In the News 1974...

Thrown Out Pub Rowdy Bit Part Of Man's Ear.

A souvenir from a weekend fight outside a Glasgow pub, in the form of part of a brewery supervisor's ear, was found by regulars when they turned up at their "local" two days after the incident.

But it was discovered too late for a transplant, as the supervisor had already had a skin graft operation to replace the missing piece. The story was told at Glasgow Sheriff Court today during the case of Sean McDermott (39), of 3 Oregon Place, Gorbals.

He admitted midway through his trial that, on May 4, in the doorway of The Office Bar, 237 Eglinton Street, he assaulted John Richmond (39), of 65 Rederech Crescent, Hamilton, by biting off part of his ear to his injury and permanent disfigurement.

Mr. Richmond, now a manager with the Reo Stakis Organisation, told the court that at that time he was a supervisor with Tennent's Breweries. That Saturday night McDermott was arguing with three men and after he was asked to leave Mr. escorted him out. He was leaving quite peacefully when, at the double swing doors, he turned round and tried to punch Mr. Richmond.

"But I pushed him away," said Mr. Richmond, "and fell back against the manageress." Mr. Richmond said he followed McDermott outside. "He wrapped his arms round my shoulders and started to bite my ear off. I felt it giving way.

"Three other men were trying to pull McDermott away, but the more they pulled the more I thought my ear was coming off," said Mr. Richmond.


The pain was fantastic, so excruciating I can't remember anything else. I was punching and kicking him, trying to get away. I was shouting "He's biting my ear off." I could actually feel his teeth going through my ear. The three men were trying to pull him away and I felt my ear giving way."

Mr. Richmond said it was only then, after a piece of his ear came off, that he managed to get a proper hold of McDermott. Police cars arrived, and he was told he should get to hospital quickly.

A customer from the pub drove him to the Victoria Infirmary, where doctors said he would have to wait until a plastic surgeon arrived. Mr. Richmond was later given a local anaesthetic and skin graft operation. He said "I also had a large number of stitches put in my ear, and I may have to go back for further operations."

Mr. Richmond told the court that on the following Monday customers had found a large bit of his ear lying outside the pub door. He denied in cross examination that he had attacked McDermott and put a strangehold on his neck, and that McDermott had had to bite his ear to get away.

Mr. Rodney Cairns for McDermott, said his client was married with four children and had never been in trouble before. That night he was the worse for drink, and was in fear of sixteen and a half stone Mr. Richmond.

He said, "It was fear that made McDermott act in such a disgusting manner." Mr. Cairns also said that it was a pity the missing part of Mr. Richmond's ear was not found until Monday morning, as surgeons may have had a chance to stitch it on again.

Sheriff A. C. Horsfall fined McDermott £150 with the alternative of six months jail, and allowed him to pay the fine at £5 a week.

The Office Eglinton Street

The Office Eglinton Street 1970s


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