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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Rutherglen Road.

12 Pubs found.
Braehead Bar. 572
The Cecil. 262
Chancer's. 914
Coronation Bar. 570
Dick Barton's. 396
G Hurrel. 572
Holly Tree the. 188
Kick Off. 255
Logan Bar. 680
Railway Tavern. 520
The Turf Bar. 66
The Wheatsheaf Bar. 105

In 1899 Rutherglen Road held these bars...

1-3 Rutherglen Road corner of 107-09 Main Street was the Garrick owned by George Scott, he also owned a pub at Pollokshaws Road now called the Allison Arms.

6 Rutherglen Road corner of 107-09 Main Street the Seaforth Bar was owned by John MacKenzie, he also had premises at 38 Adelphi Street.

81 Rutherglen Road corner of 59 Thistle Street was the Cockatoo Bar owned by William Duthie, he also owned a pub at 46 South Coburg Street, south side.

105 Rutherglen Road corner of 124 Crown Street was called McLean's, he also owned pubs at 9 Main Street, 79 Crown Street corner of Govan Street and McLean's at the corner of Pollokshaws Road and Langside Avenue now the Corona Bar.

109-11 Rutherglen Road corner of 129 Crown Street was run by Hugh Crawford.

164 Rutherglen Road corner of 112 Rose Street was run by Robert Wilson, he also had a pubs at 13 Stirling Road, city and 18 Govan Street now Ballater Street.

166 Rutherglen Road was known as the Ritz Bar owned by Robert Anderson he also ran a pub at 21 Gardner Street corner of Gladstone Street.

188 Rutherglen Road corner of 2 South Shamrock Street was the Holly Tree Bar owned by William Miller

251 Rutherglen Road was owned by Henry Dow.

255 Rutherglen Road corner of 159 South Wellington Street was run by John Meikle jun.

262 Rutherglen Road was run by Jane R Baxter.

364 Rutherglen Road corner of 2 Sandyfaulds Street was owned by William Morrison, he also had the Govanhill Bar corner of 97 Cathcart Street and Thistle Street.

366 Rutherglen Road corner of 3 Sandyfaulds Street was owned by well known Patrick Neeson, he also owned the Caledonian Bar at the corner of Gallowgate and Bellfield Street.

396 Rutherglen Road corner of 282 South York Street was owned by John Swan Anderson. Many will still remember this old pub as Dick Bartons.

418 Rutherglen Road was Eadie's Bar, owned by John Eadie.

442 Rutherglen Road corner of 2 Gilmour Street was owned by William Hart.

443 Rutherglen Road corner of 208 McNeil Street was owned by William Adam, he also had a pub at the corner of 71 Cadogan Street and 20 Douglas Street.

466 Rutherglen Road corner of Pine Street was known as Alexander Hamilton after the owner of the bar, he also had another pub named after him at 22 Bell Street corner of Walls Street.

520-22 Rutherglen Road was the Railway Tavern owned by James McElroy, he also had the Old Burnt Barns, London Road, McElroy's at 30 Market Street, City and 498 Gallowgate at the corner of 61 Young Street.

570 Rutherglen Road corner of 477 Caledonia Road was the Coronation Bar, owned by Andrew McWilliam, he also had premises at 4 Clyde Place, 16-18 Maxwell Street, 12 Bridge Street and 64 East Howard Street.

572 Rutherglen Road corner of 1-3 Braehead Street the Braehead Bar was owned by Robert Young.

614 Rutherglen Road corner of 6 Fauldshouse Street was owned by wine and spirit merchant Robert Bowes, he also owned pubs at 160 Caledonia Road / 90 Naburn Street, 212 Sauchiehall Street / 2 Cambridge Street and 27-29 North Frederick Street.

680-80a Rutherglen Road corner of 3 Logan Street was run by Samuel Burnside he also had a pub at 81 Houston Street corner of Pollok Street, Kinning Park.


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