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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Manhattan Bar.

7-9 Peel Street, Glasgow. Tel: 01413392537.



Manhattan Bar. 1991.

In 1947 part of this pub was a fishmongers and a boot repair shop.

In 1890 Margaret Thomas 7 Peel Street went to court against her husband Daniel Thomas formerly a spirit merchant, London Road, Glasgow. The parties who were both married previously in April 1877, Mrs Thomas the pursuer said that after the marriage defender took to the drink and ill treated her. In May 1881 he sold the pub in London Road and left Glasgow for Australia. He wrote on his way there but she had not heard from him since and thought he was dead, she was unable to trace him, therefore she could not file for a divorce.

In the 1990s this pub was called Stumps.

Also see the BEN, Mr. D. Graham.


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