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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


McLean's Old Bar.

44 Carrick Street, Glasgow.


McLeans Bar Carrick Street

Carrick Street ran from the Broomielaw to Argyle Street. In the late 1880s Carrick Street had seven pubs, one of which was owned by Thomas B McLean. McLean's old bar sat at the corner of West College Street and dates back to at least 1838.

The first licensee for these very old premises was a spirit dealer called Peter Robin, Mr Robin continued to serve the locals here until 1842.

David Dunn a wine and spirit merchant then took over the pub. Mr Dunn lived nearby at 32 West College Street before moving to better accommodation at 391 St. Vincent Street. He continued with the licence until 1861.

In 1863 Wine & Spirit Merchant Thomas B McLean then took over the premises, business was very successful, we know this by his living accommodation. He first lived at 396 Argyle Street, then on to St. Vincent Street, then Douglas Street and finally to Sunnyknowe house in Lenzie.

Four years later Mr. McLean took on another pub at 104 North Shamrock Street with stores at 51 Carrick Street. After 1881 Mr. McLean passed away which left is wife Mary to run the business.

Mary Clark McLean was now the licensee and continued to hold the licence until 1911.


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