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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Montrose Bar.

7-11 Carrick Street, Glasgow. G2 8PJ.


The Montrose Bar. 1991.

Now demolished only a few months ago 2005.

The Montrose Bar was frequented by workers and journalists from the nearby Daily Record and Sunday Mail offices. The interior bar and gantry was shipped to the Old College Bar, High Street.

There been a pub on this site since 1874 owned by Charles James Dunn. Mary Dunn McCulloch took over after his death.

Thanks to Jimmy Gibbons ex Daily Record and Sunday Mail employee, for his email... I frequented "The Monty" in various roles since the early fifties. My uncle Peter Kelly was a Stoker on the boats on the Broomielaw, working 24 hour shifts stoking the furnaces.

Wee John Cassidy (a gentleman and his partner George) opened the pub on Sundays to sell me 2 bottles of whisky for Big Peter, because he really worked up a thirst in the heat of the engine room.

A few years later, being employed at the Daily Record and Sunday Mail I became a Regular in the MONTY. I may bring your files on licence holders up to date., when John Cassidy retired his nephew Tony Taylor (ex Celtic footballer) took over the licence. Then there was Lawrence Diamond brother of Jim Diamond.. Pop Star... After them it was the twins... Scott and Jim Savage and finally it was Big Jim Cullen... Mine host until the MONTY closed.

I have lots of fond memories of this establishment... I still meet Jim Cullen and my ex colleagues of the Press.

Jimmy Gibbons.


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