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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Old Hundred Acre Inn.

170 Port Dundas Road, Glasgow.


The Old Hundred Acre Inn sat at the corner of Port Dundas Road and 2 Forth Street. This old inn is said to have a date of 1799 and the licence had continued in unbroken line. I have a different view of this old inn, it was indeed an old established business dating from the 1830s, landlord Alexander Wright held the licence for five years, his wife then took over the certificate for a further five years.

Over the years publicans came and went until 1879 when Daniel Boyle acquired the business, when Mr Boyle passed away around 1893, his wife Bridget took over the business. She was very successful here but sold the inn in 1906 the inn closed for good in 1907.

Mrs Bridget Boyle had a thorough training to the business, her late husband showed her all that was needed to run a wine and spirit business, it was in her favour that she took everything in, as it wasn't long before she had to do all the ordering and stock the old inn with good liquor.


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