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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Western Tavern.

80 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow. G11 Tel: 0141 339 0974.


Western Tavern

The Western Tavern. 1990s.

This was the original site of Reid's Bar (Pertyck,) When Thomas Reid took over the pub it was called The Bunch of Grapes, a large sign of a vine of grapes used to hang outside the premises this is probably were the name came from. To read the full history of this pub and the Reid family click here.

The the pub was sold on the names changed to the Western Tavern then to Bar Zoo.

Reid's of Pertyck

Reid's of Pertyck. 1980s.

Star & Garter Advert

Advert for the Star & Garter. After the show there's one place to go. The Star & Garter Bar 188 New City Road, St George's X. Telephone Douglas 4322. Full Stock of all proprietary Wines and Spirits. Other Branches at 80 Dumbarton Road and 207 Hope Street. Sitting Rooms. Ladies' Room. Where old friends meet in a congenial atmosphere.

Today the pub has the title of Gallus above the door. 2007.

Gallus 2007

Gallus. 2007.


Gallus. 2007.


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