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Richard Blanche.

Mr. Richard Blanche Honoured. 1973.

Richard Blanche group photo 1973

Left to right at the presentation ceremony are Mr. R. C. May; Mr. J. Gow; Mr. R. Blanche; Mr. J. M. Worton; Mr. J. E. Milne; Mr. H. M. Inglis; Mr. J. Speedman and Mr. S. W. Newton. 1973.

Mr. Richard Blanche for many years a prominent member of the trade in Scotland, has completed another milestone in his career.

He retired last week as chairman and managing director of Scottish Licenses Mutual Insurance Association, on the board of which he has served for 34 years and as chairman for the past 14 years.

In recognition of his long and outstanding service, the directors have agreed that the designation of honorary president be conferred on him. Speaking at the annual general meeting of the Association in Glasgow, Mr. Blanche referred to the many changes he had seen during his long connection with the Association.

He mentioned that all these changes had involved a lot of people and a lot of hard work. He thanked the past and present directors and staff for their co-operation, assistance and support they had given him over the years.

After the annual general meeting, Mr. Blanche was presented with his portrait in colour and a fishing rod. The presentations were made to him, on behalf of the board, by Mr. John E. Milne, who has been appointed as his successor.

Mr. Blanche, in a neat speech, returned thanks for the gifts. Earlier he received a handsome presentation from the staff. Mr. Blanche is the forth chairman in the history of the Association, of which his father was a director from 1908 to 1938. He is also a former chairman and managing director of MacLachlan's Ltd., and in 1938 was president of the Scottish Wine and Spirit Merchants' Benevolent Institution.

Mr. John E. Milne, the new chairman and managing director of the Association, has also played a prominent part in the affairs of the Scottish Wine and Spirit Merchants' Benevolent Institution and is in fact, the immediate past president.

Mr. Milne is chairman and managing director of Eadie Cairns, distillers and Wine and Spirit Merchants and M. Milne and associated companies. John's grandfather, John Eadie, who founded the family business more than 100 years ago, was president of the "Ben" in 1912 and treasurer between 1930 and 1939.

The new vice-chairman of the Association is Mr. Robert C. May. Mr. Blanche has also retired from the board of the Association's subsidiary, Scottish Licenses Investments Ltd., and is succeeded as president by Mr. Milne.

Mr. John A. Speedman, director and secretary of the parent company, has been appointed a director and vice-president of the subsidiary. Mr. Speedman is also secretary of the Scottish Wine and Spirit Merchants' Benevolent Institution. 1973.


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