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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Mallard.

Greenfaulds, Cumbernauld.

Mallard Bar Greenfaulds

Agnes and the pile of pennies. 1977.

It could turn out to be a dangerous job working behind the bar of one public house with its leaning tower of pennies.

But manageress Agnes Russell has taken it all in her stride. Especially as it is all in a good cause. The money is to go towards a Christmas treat for locals old age pensioners.

"We've had a great response from the customers who have all been very generous. It will be a shame to knock it down," she said. But her big problem is more likely to be it falling down. The pile of two pences has already hit the ceiling and is getting pretty wobbly.

For nine months regulars at the Mallard pub in Greenfaulds have been adding their change from a pint to the gigantic tower of pennies. The cash will eventually go as a bonus to the town's senior citizens.

And before it all falls down the pub will be running a competition to guess the number of coins. But by the looks of things they had better hurry up before the bar disappears beneath a sea of coins.


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