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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Jim Currie and James Hograth.

Berwickshire Licensed Trade Ball.


Jim Currie and James Hograth 1970

Jim Currie of Black and White and James Hograth of Drybrough's with their wives. 1970.

In the News 1973...

Drybrough's Holiday Bonus

Drybrough's group 1973

A week's holiday in Sardinia in May is the prize for four lucky couples who have achieved over-target sales of the firm's beers in an incentive scheme promoted by Drybrough's Brewery, and covering Scotland and the Tyne-Tees area.

The winners received their tickets and other travel documents from Mr. Ross Gibbons, chairman of Drybrough's Scotland at a ceremony in the boardroom at Craigmiller Brewery, Edinburgh, where the picture was taken. It includes left to right: Mr. L. N. Fullerton (Drybrough's,) Mr. and Mrs. J Dubicks (Nag's Head, Musselburgh,) Mr. and Mrs. F. Ribinson (Camperdown Bar, Newcastle,) Mr. and Mrs. W. McGuire (Galleon Bar, Dundee,) Mr. P. Malloy (Cuillins Bar, Arden,) Mr. S. J. Denton (Watney Mann,) and Mr. Ross Gibbons. 1973.


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