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The Chase Inn.

Langmuir Road, Kirkintilloch.

A Pub for the family.

So many pubs these days have gimmicks. If they're not trying to outsmart one another with entertainment then they're vying with each other in snacks and food stakes. So it's rather nice when you come across a new pub which claims to have no gimmicks, a pub designed for the family.

Opened just over a week ago, the Chase Inn, in Langmuir Road, Harestanes, Kirkintilloch, is a family pub where people can enjoy good conversation, says manager Mr. Tom Rigby.

Having been a dry town for so long, Kirkintilloch now has a handful of places where locals can spend a pleasant hour or so over a pint. what's been the reactions of people living in the town?

Were they pleased to see another pub on their door-step?

The only people who actually have the Chase Inn on their door-steps are the residents of the Harestanes Estate, a mixture of private houses and council ones, and they're not complaining.

The estate is about a mile from the town centre and according to Mr. Rigby most of the patrons so far have come from the estate. If they're not out for an evening they can pop into the adjoining off-sales, and collect something for a cosy evening at home. An equestrian theme has been used throughout the building, hence the name, Chase Inn. There are motifs and murals showing various aspects of the horse scene, including a steeplechase and hunting scene.

There is seating at the Chase Inn for 180, so there is plenty of room for patrons to relax in comfort at a pub where the only entertainment is colour television. To ensure that "Chase Inn" will become synonymous with the description "excellent service," Mr. Rigby has recruited a large full-time staff which at peak periods will be able assisted by many part-time helpers.


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