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Mrs C E Davidson.

The First Women Directors of the Edinburgh Licensed Trade Association.


Mrs C E Davidson

Mrs C E Davidson. 1970.

The First Women Directors of the Edinburgh Licensed Trade Association.

The Edinburgh Licensed Trade Association had broken a long-standing tradition, for the first time lady members are eligible to be elected to the directorate.

Indeed the first two women directors have been appointed. They are Mrs C E Davidson, Bungalow Bar, Northumberland Street, and Mrs F A Marshall, Ormelie Bar, Joppa.

Mrs F A Marshall

Mrs F A Marshall. 1970.

A few weeks late Mrs Marshall passed away. click here to read more.

The revolutionary step for the Edinburgh association was put before a special meeting by the president, Ian Allan, who hoped the change would encourage non-member women licensees to join the association. The proposal, passed unanimously, means any women director will be eligible for the presidency.

The Bungalow Bar, which comprised a public bar and two lounges, was started around 1880 by Mrs Davidson's grandfather, Mr William John Young. On his death the licence passed to his wife and in 1932 to their son, John Young, Mrs Davidson's father. Mr John Young was assisted by his wife, who continued running the business when her husband died in 1958.

When Mrs Young died in 1963, Mrs Davidson stepped into her mother's shoes.


Woman's Auxiliary group 1972

Ladies' night out

Photographed at the Glasgow and West of Scotland Women's Auxiliary Group dinner dance in the Marlborough, Glasgow, were left to right Mr. and Mrs. James Millen (assistant secretary); the president, Mrs. and Mr. O. G. Prosser; Mrs. John Young (vice-president); Mrs. J. Macaulay (secretary) and Mr. Macaulay. 1972.

group photo 1972

Also at the dinner dance was Left to right Mr. and Mrs. T. Docherty; Mrs. J. Lindsay (Dick's Bar, Gallowgate); and Mrs. and Mr. A. Gillies (The Clachan.) 1972.


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