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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Back O' Dyke Bar.


Back O' Dyke Bar 1973

At the Opening of the Back O' Dyke Bar, Alloa. The owner is Mr. George Davidson, formerly of Ind Coope.

Pictured above at the opening ceremony are Mr. R. White, manager; Mr. S. G. West, Ind Coope: Mr. and Mrs. Davidson; and Mrs. R. White, manageress. 1973.

Interior of the Back O' Dyke Bar 1973

In this picture seen with George and wishing him success in his enterprise, are Messrs. A. Carson, Stowell's of Chelsea; K. Graham, Whitbread; P. I. MacGregor, Whitbread; J. Baxter, Whitbread; O. Douglas, Hepburn and Ross; E. Snodgrass, Stowell's and J. Hutchison, Hepburn and Ross. 1973.


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