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Youths could decide on pub licence.

In the NEWS 1979...

Glasgow youngsters under 18 could have a big say in deciding the number of pubs allowed in their district.

The results of a licensing poll will be known tomorrow when community councils give their views on "Dry" and limited-licence areas to Glasgow District Council.

But in the Dumbreck area's poll, part of the voting form which has to be signed states, "I am over 16."


Arthur Ballard chairman of the Dumbreck Community Council, said; "In two years' time the 16-year-old will be old enough to use licensed premises and the under the community council rules he or she can vote on this.

"We will segregate the votes of those aged under 18 so that we can tell the district council how many votes are involved." Mr Ballard did not say how the 16-18 year groups would be identified in the votes.

He added: "I think from the votes we have already that people are going to say No to a change in the situation here." The poll comes about at the end of a three-year "cooling-off" spell for "Dry" and restricted licence areas under the 1976 Licensing (Scotland) Act.

The community councils will give their views, saying if they want the set-up changed or not. The District Council will then act on their reactions. Charles Horsburgh, the district's senior depute director, was "surprised" that 16-year-olds would be included in the poll. although the rules were those of the community councils.


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