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Wine Family Favourite.

Wine is fast establishing a reputation as a family favourite in Britain. In 1971 consumption will come close to nthe 50,000,000 gallon mark, three hundred million bottles of wine. And a big proportion of the total will be enjoyed during the summer months.

Said Mr Charles Whitefield, M W., the Board's Chairman: "We are beginning to stop thinking of wine as a special occasion drink and we are treating it as a delightful, low-cost everyday pleasure. And what better time of the year can there be for the family to experiment with wine than the summer."

Other wine development board directors who took part in the conference were Mr George Bull, Mr Nigel Pullan, and Mr David Rutherford, and Mr John Balls. Others in attendance were Mr R H Insoll (secretary Wine and Spirit Association) and Mr G Wilkes, the boards' laison officer.


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