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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Windsor Bar.

342 Cumberland Street corner of 2 Naburn Street, Gorbals. S.S.

interior of the Windsor bar ceiling with a hole in it. 1960.

The Windsor Bar with a hole in the ceiling. 1960.

In 1960 Raiders dropped in on a Glasgow Public House...

The pub was the Windsor Bar at the corner of Cumberland Street and Naburn Street, Gorbals.

The raiders, who dropped in through a hole in the roof, escaped with 16 bottles of whisky, five bottles of rum, 2000 cigarettes, and about £10. They got in by climbing into a loft in a near-by close in Cumberland Street and making their way to an empty house above the pub.


The bottles of whisky and rum and the cigarettes were stolen from the gantry and the cash from the till. A detective constable followed the route taken by the intruders from the close through the loft, to the hole they had made in the public house roof.

The discovery of the break-in was made by barmen when they arrived to start work. They phoned the police.

There has been a pub on this site since 1879. William Paton a wine and spirit merchant took over and continued to serve the locals until 1884.

John Anderson then took over followed by Robert Anderson a relative of John's probably his son. The Anderson family continued in the pub until 1950. William Hutchison took over in 1951 until the pub was demolished in the 1970s.

This old pub must have been very successful as there were only a few different families that held certificates for this local.

Do you remember this old pub, if so please get in touch.


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