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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Westburn.

110 Carntynehall Road, Glasgow. G32 6AS. Tel: 01417781490.


The Westburn. 1991.

The Westburn was opened in the summer of 1965 by West of Scotland Tavern's Ltd. Comprising of a lounge bar, public bar and an off sales, the lounge could seat 60 customer, the interior was paneled in walnut. The adjacent public bar was paneled in golden elm and could accommodate 100 drinkers.

The manager of this new public bar was Mr Scott who was helped by his wife. In 1971 Hugh McIver took over as the new licensee the pub was then owned by Tennent Caledonian Breweries. Hugh also ran two other pubs in the south side of the city, one on Eglinton Street and Ballater Street.

In 1933 Illicit Pot Stills in Caravan Park, Westburn, South Carntyne.

A fine of £25 with the alternative of 60 days imprisonment was imposed in Glasgow Sheriff Court on Tuesday, on a man named William Jamieson, a caravan dweller, who was convicted on a threefold charge concerning the operation of two illicit stills. The first charge against Jamieson was that he was operating two stills for distilling spirits without being licensed, contrary to the Spirits Act, 1880, the second charge was that in a building without being licensed, made 53 gallons of wash and the third charge he was concerned in depositing and concealing goods namely 6¼ gallons of crude spirit being goods on which Excise Duty was liable to be paid with intent to defraud. William Jamieson 35 lived with his wife and five children in a caravan adjoining Westburn. Late on in the evening police officers and Excise officers visited the caravan and asked Jamieson if he was manufacturing illicit spirits, Jamieson replied, “There is nothing like that going on here.” Police found nothing in the caravan but in a small room in the adjoining building they found eleven bottles containing illicit spirit and a condenser, Jamieson said that the spirit didn’t belong to him but another man. Mr Jamieson was asked by the police officers about the stills, Jamieson took the officers to the still which contained eight gallons of wash, the police made a further search, one officer reached the base of a chimney stack by climbing through a hole in the floor. There they found another still and took possession of 53 gallons of wash. There was about £18 duty payable on the spirit and £16 payable on the wash.

The Westburn interior 1

Interior view of the new lounge. 1965.

Westburn interior

This photograph was taken at the opening of the Westburn in 1965, left to right Mr Scott, Mrs Scott and Mr W Park, supervisor of West of Scotland Tavern's Ltd.

Review 2000...

I found this pub OK, it was quite busy dispite it being a Tuesday. The food was very reasonable, I had steak pie which was great for a wee pub in Carntyne. The staff were very polite. I still have to go in at night time to see what it has to offer but I'm a little uneasy of the thought. In all the pub was good.


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