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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The University Bar.

Glasgow University, Glasgow.

University Bar Glasgow University 1979

In the NEWWS 1979...

Chauvinists Win The Beer Bar Battle...

A Bevy of students (above) sup their pints in the beer bar of Glasgow University, the bar that has been branded as the male chauvinist pigs retreat.

But last night the boys of the beer bar were jubilant when they heard that their candidates for union president, John Wallace, had won by a overwhelming majority.

Now the all-male preserve, stormed by angry women students this week, will say. The candidate who wanted the union rules changed, and both unions mixed and open, was Jimmy Black.

He polled450 votes to the 1690 won by John Wallace. Now the group of students who want the unions "mixed" will be meeting to consider the next step in the "battle of the beer bar."

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