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Mr D McIntosh.

4 Union Hotel, Dunlop Street, Glasgow.


Mr D McIntosh

Mr D McIntosh. 1892.

During Mr D McIntosh's tenancy of the Union Hotel, Dunlop Street, he made considerable changes in the hotel, the useless billiards rooms were converted into extensive sleeping accommodation. Mr McIntosh believing that the comfort of his guests were even more important than their recreation wants. The hotel had around thirty-five bedrooms simply furnished and clean, smoking and commercial rooms were well equipped. The bar area was also well equipped and roomy. Mr McIntosh had years of experience in the hotel trade, most of his life was spent in them one way or another. Before taking on the Union Hotel, he formerly had the Cobden hotel and for six years conducted the Star Hotel, Stirling.

The Union was principally a commercial rendezvous, a short distance from the St. Enoch's Station which made it hand for businessmen and travellers to the city. Dunlop Street was as quiet as St. Vincent Street away back in 1892, new offices were being built nearby which meant more customers in the hotel and bar.

Mr McIntosh was a native of Blair-Athole and was a true Celt and full of enthusiasm of a Highlander. In one of the dining-rooms Mr McIntosh had a large picture of a highland bull, painted by Donovan Adam. Mrs. McIntosh was an invaluable aid in the conduct of the hotel, and under her superintendence everything was kept in perfect order. The space in the hotel was so fully utilised that Mr McIntosh had to precure large premises in a building opposite the Union which he had made into a show-room.


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