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Tuxedo Princess.

River Clyde in the shadow on the Kingston Bridge.

Tuxedo Princess exterior with two girl waitresses

Two waitresses outside the Tuxedo Princess.

In 1988 clubbers in Glasgow climbed aboard the Tuxedo Princess for fun, drinks and dancing. It was nicknamed the Love Boat after the U.S. TV drama.

The Tuxedo Princess was docked on the River Clyde in the shadow of the Kingston Bridge.

The converted car ferry featured 8 bars; Bar 1 - The Mediterranean Bar Club 1 - The Princess Suite (3 Bars) Bar 3 - Raffles Bar 4 - Front of Deck. Club 2 - The Cruise Club (2 Bars).

The Tuxedo Princess, was hugely popular with an upmarket clientele at the beginning of its life, with approx 2,000 people on board on its busiest evenings. With 8 Bars across the Club, there was plenty room for all to dance the night away.

The club also had a revolving dance floor on the converted car deck. Over the years the upmarket venue lost its place as one of thee places to go when more upmarket nightclubs opened like Victorias in Sauchiehall Street and the Hollywood Studios in Brown Street.

After 10 years on the Clyde, the vessel set sail for good in 1998.

Tuxedo Princess also known as the Love Boat 1989

Interior of the Tuxedo Princess in 1989.


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