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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Top of the Hill.

2 Ronald Street corner of 83a Taylor Street, Townhead, Glasgow.

image of the Top of the Hill Bar.

Top of the Hill.

The Top of the Hill bar sat on Ronald Street at the corner of Taylor Street in the Townhead area of Glasgow.

The first licensee to hold a certificate for this pub was a lady called Mrs Jane Wilson. Mrs Wilson was living at nearby 208 Parliamentary Road with her family. She obtained the licence in 1873. She continued as licensee until 1885. the following year Matthew Galloway took over, he only ran this pub for a year before Donald McRae took over.

Donald worked very hard in this old pub but gave it up in 1893. The next Wine & Spirit Merchant was John Cowan. The name above the door was John Cowan with wines and spirits at each end of his name. The locals named this pub as Cowan's.

Mr Cowan also owned a pub at 488 St George's Road. John was living at Rowanbank, Lenzie Road, Stepps. At the end of the First World War John had another pub at 15-17 Norfolk Street in the South Side of the City. Mr Cowan continued to serve the locals in Townhead until the 1940s.

Many will still remember Thomas Boyle in the 1950s, Agnes Pullan in the 1960. Like any of the Streets in Glasgow especially the Townhead was torn apart to make way for the new motorway. Some parts of Townhead didn't need to be demolished.


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