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The Stag Bar.

827 Govan Road / 1 Harmony Row, Glasgow.

In the News 1972...

Brothers jailed for attack in Govan Pub

Two brothers were jailed at the High Court in Glasgow today for knife and tumbler assault in a Govan public house last May. Hugh Herrity (41) of 61 Langlands Road, Govan, was found guilty by a majority of assaulting John McDonald (45) of 8 Nimmo Drive, Drumoyne, by striking him repeatedly on the face with a knife to his severe injury and permanent disfigurement on May 27.

He was also found guilty of assaulting the manager of the Stag Bar, Edward Maher (53) of Uist Street, Drumoyne by striking him with a knife. James Herrity (33) of the same address, was found guilty of assaulting McDonald by striking him twice on the face with a tumbler but the jury found that this done under provocation.

Hugh was jailed for four years and James for nine months.

10 convictions

Sentencing Hugh Herrity Lord Wheatley said that there had been too many cases of knifes being used during quarrel's in Glasgow. He added that there may have been some sort of "second hand provocation" of Hugh Herrity because his brother may have been provoked by McDonald but nevertheless the fact that Hugh interfered and used a knife was "absolutely inexcusable."

Hugh Herrity admitted 10 previous convictions, mainly for breach of the peace, and on his last court appearance was fined £100.

Manager warned

But James had a "deplorable record", five years in 1960 for assault, then two years for breach of the peace, followed by more breaches of the peace. James Herrity had been out of prison only two months at the time of the pub assault. Yesterday Edward Maher, manager of the Stag Bar in Govan Road, was given a stern warning by the Judge because there was a suspicion he was withholding evidence.

Lord Wheatley ordered Mr Maher to be kept within the precincts of the court until he had been dealt with. After the case had finished for the day, Lord Wheatley told Mr Maher, "I am letting you off with a stern warning."


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