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The Sovereign.


The Sovereign Bar Rutherglen 1979

The Sovereign Bar, Rutherglen 1979.

In the NEWS...

No Cheers For All Day Beer...

Regulars at the Sovereign Bar in Rutherglen were in a gloomy mood last night.

They had just been told that their local had been granted a licence to sell drink all day, and the customers were NOT happy.

For believe it or not, more than 150 regulars at the Sovereign signed a petition saying that they didn't want their pub to be open all day.

It will ruin the atmosphere of the place," said one regular. "All we will get is a load of drunks coming in and taking over in the afternoon.

"This is a clean, quiet bar," he said. "It won't be like that much longer." The Sovereign was granted an all-day licence on Tuesday, despite a petition against the move by the regulars.

A technically forced the licensing board to give Lorimer's, which owns the bar, the licence.


"There are 10 pubs with all-day licences within 100 yards of the Sovereign," said another customer. "We don't need another. There is also a bookies nearby, and no doubt we'll get customers coming in from there too."

But although the pub's customers are against the all-day drinking for the Sovereign, Lorimer's are determined to say on. "As we got the licence we will certainly be using it," said a spokesman in Edinburgh. "We have heard of the disapproval of this plan from some of our customers, and we will be happy to listen to their comments again. But I'm sure the pub will be open all day soon in spite of that."


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