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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


J W Souter's Victoria Bar.

281-83 Crown Street corner of 226 Cumberland Street, Gorbals, Glasgow.

John W Souter bar in Crown Street corner of Cumberland Street

John W Souter also known as the Victoria Bar, corner of 281-83 Crown Street and 226 Cumberland Street. also in the this frame is the Cumberland Bar on the opposite corner. 1960s.

In 1861 William McDonald acquired a licence to sell porter, beer, wine, and spirits. Mr McDonald lived nearby at 193 Crown Street. He continued to serve the locals here until 1864.

The next licensee was wine and spirit merchant John Gardiner. Mr Gardiner also had a pubs 247 High Street and Gibson Street, Hillhead and lived at 185 Crown Street.

In 1880 John was a tea and wine merchant at 18 Gibson Street, Hillhead, 281-83 Crown Street and 120 Buchanan Street. Sixteen years later he was living in better accommodation at 530 Great Western Road.

John W Souter corner of Crown Street and Cumberland Street 1960s.

This image taken in the 1960s on Crown Street on the right is John W Souter's Victoria Bar and the Cumberland Bar on the opposite corner.

John Gardiner continued as licensee until 1896. Robert Reid the acquired the licence. The name of the pub was then Robert Reid, Victoria Bar. Robert was living with his family at 103 Fotheringay Street. He was also a wine and spirit merchant and traded here until 1921. Like many Glasgow publicans he struggled through the WW1.

In 1922 John Wallace Souter acquired the licence and kept the pub going until it was finally demolished in the late 1960s. John W Souter kept the pub name "the Victoria Bar" and later put his name above the door.


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