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Welcome to Schweppes.

Schweppes Launch New Wine.

The Cadbury Schweppes group are expected to enter the cheap end of the wine market this week in the London area with their Vinrosa brand.

Vinrosa is described as a medium-sweet rose wine imported in bulk from Spain and bottled in Britain. The launch was expected before Christmas but it was delayed because the wine had still to pass Cadbury Schweppes quality control tests.

Vinrosa will be sold in three new-size bottles. Two, with screw tops and non-returnable, are aimed at the off-trade. The sizes are 20 oz. (five glass) and 8.8 oz. (two glass). There is also a returnable one-glass bottle designed for public house and club trade. Pricing is expected to be about 13s. 6s. and 2s. 9d.


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