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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Runaway Bullock from the Gallowgate.

City Street Drama as Bullock runs riot.

In 1970.

A dozen Policemen chased as runaway bullock as it rushed through Glasgow gore passers-by.

Runaway Bullock

A policeman attempts to corner the runaway bullock in the chemical works in Duke Street.

And it was only after a dramatic two mile chase over railway lines and roads that it was captured. Many of the pubs on the Gallowgate, Duke Street were empty as the locals stood outside watching Policemen chase the bullock.

A police sergeant escaped injury by inches at one point when it charged straight at him as he tried to divert it into a pound.

It all began when the black bullock escaped from the meat market slaughterhouse in Gallowgate. It scrambled on to the blue train line and charged through the railway tunnel to Duke Street Station.

As amazed signalman at Bellgrove signal box telephoned an SOS to the police, as a half a dozen patrol cars converged on the area. The bullock was traced to the Parkhead branch line running towards Carntyne.

A number of railway gangers joined the hunt and the bullock fled down Aitken Street, straight across Duke Street and into the grounds of R and J Garroway Ltd., a chemical company.

Policemen, armed with stakes, and workers from the factory made desperate attempts to corner the now enraged beast - but were forced to retreat hurriedly when the aminal charged.

It even got past barriers of lorries and a mechanical shovel.

Then the meat market workers who had joined the chase suggested bringing cows to pacify the bullock. It worked - and it walked quietly into a cattle truck.

A dozen very relieved policemen then left for normal patrol. The only "casualties" of the drama were two Blue trains which were held up for a few minutes.

This was great news in the 70s, but was a regular occurance in the early part of the 1900s. Loose cattle running along the Gallowgate never caused the drinkers to leave their locals then.


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