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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Robert Glover.

149-51 Albert Street, Townhead, Glasgow.


Mcaslin Street

McAslin Street. 1960s, with the pub, maybe it was called the cosy Bar.

Robert Glover traded as a wine and spirit merchant from as early as the 1870s, he owned pubs at 149-51 Albert Street which later became McAslin Street, 284 George Street at the corner of 61 John Street and 146 Stirling Road. There was also a William Glover trading at 85 Cowcaddens in the 1870s, he started out in the 1840s in George Street, the two men must have been related, maybe this was Robert's father.

Robert continued to serve the local until he passed away, his wife Sarah Anne took over the business and the running of the pubs. Sarah Anne sold the pub at Albert Street when the First World War broke out, Michael McCrossan then took over as landlord. Sarah Anne, however continued as licensee of a licensed grocers shop in Springburn Road until the end of the great war.

Michael McCrossan was successful in the pub and was well liked by the locals. During the 1930s John Thomson owned the pub, he also traded at 227 Cowcaddens Street, many will still remember this old pub which became known as the Mermaid Bar.

In 1957 William Clelland was the owner followed by Archibald McInnes, the pub was demolished in the 1960s in the City Council's clearings.


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