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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Red Lion.

99 Paisley Road West, Glasgow. G51 1LQ. Tel: 01414296779.


Red Lion

The Red Lion. 1991.

In 1889 Irishman Mr Hugh Patrick obtained a licence to sell beers and spirits for new premises at the corner of Smith Street, paying an annul rent of £99.00, he also ran a small public house in the Broomielaw which was later disposed of in the redevelopment on the Clyde side. The licence stayed in the Patrick family until the 1930s.

Before the Second World War the pub was run by James Guild then James G Campbell, however, during the war the pub was ran by William Lambert a native of London who joined the City of Glasgow Regiment, the Highland Light Infantry, in 1907 and left it with 22 years service and the rank of Company Sergeant Major. He was in the Maryhill Barracks when he finished his time and took over an appointment as Club-master, in the Scottish Western Motor Club, Queen's Crescent, which he held for 14 years.

The outbreak of the war found the Scottish staff of the House of Whitbread depleted by Service calls and Mr Lambert took over as Glasgow representative, relinquishing the post when peace was restored. After this he took over the Red Lion, Paisley Road West.

Mr Lambert in his younger days gained some prominence as a boxer, being a member of the same club as Digger Stanley. He had won competitions at both tennis and billiards but found the greatest pleasure in catering for the needs of his customers in the Red Lion.

When James McKell occupied the premises in the 60 and 70s the pub was known as the Turf Bar.

Update September 2016:

Tennents Caledonian Breweries owned this pub for years, John and Eileen Wilson leased the pub from Tennents in 1989 and bought the pub from the Brewers in 1991.

The Red Lion is now Closed down for good. Glasgow housing will demolish the pub and build in its place new flats and accommodation. This is a sad time as another Old Glasgow Pubs has gone. September 2016.

The following images were taken before the pub was closed.

The Red Lion 99 Paisley Road West 2016

This images was taken September 2016.

If you are a Celtic Fan this popular Rangers pub would not be for you.

Red Lion interior 2016

Part of the main Bar, 2016.

Red Lion 99 Paisley Road West interior 2016

The main bar area, 2016.

Red Lion 99 Paisley Road West interior

The pool table and toilet area which was at the back of the pub. 2016.

The Red Lion 99 Paisley Road West main bar 2016

Another view of the main bar. 2016.

The Red Lion toilet sign 2016

The gents toilet sign.

Do you have any stories to tell about this popular Rangers Bar.


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