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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Red Lion Inn.

Kelso, Roxburgh.


Pub That's Hard to Sell.

In 1970, efforts by the proprietrix of a Kelso public house over the past two years to sell her premises have been unsuccessful because potential buyers are put off on learning from her that the premises could be effected by a proposed new road.

The proprietrix, Mrs Maisie Bennett, of the Red Lion Inn, Jamieson's Entry, had heard from different sources that anything from two feet to ten feet could be chopped off the front of her premises.

Mrs Bennett has lost two sales because of the proposed new road, which she says could be laid down at any time, though it was likely to be a few years yet. She has asked Roxburgh County Council to buy the Red Lion from her. The proposed new road, which may run through part of the premises where the patrons now drink beer and play dominoes, has been recommended by a working party.

Meanwhile, before considering Mrs Bennett's request, the county are to employ consulting engineers to make a survey of the central road system as proposed by the working party.

A preliminary survey failed to determine the extent to which the premises would be effected. When the report on the detailed survey have been received from the consultants, a decision will be taken on the final lines of the new roads, after which the development will be phased. But Mrs Bennett feels that the sooner she can have the Red Lion Inn sold the better.


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