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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Quinn's Tavern.

106 Oxford Street, Glasgow. S.S.

Quinn's Tavern, 106 Oxford Street image

Quinn's Tavern, 106 Oxford Street. Thanks to Norrie McNamee for the image.

Oxford Street is not the longest Street by far, but it has had seven Public Houses to choose from. In the entire history of this pub only seven families ran this pub.

The first licensee was Wine & Spirit Merchant Mr William Russell who acquired a certificate in 1879. William lived at 102 South Portland Street with his family.

Alexander Imrie was the next licensee, he occupied the premises until 1894.

The first lady to hold the licence was Mrs J Neilson. Mrs Neilson lived in an exclusive address at 7 Abbotsford Place in 1896.

Robert Graham was another well known publican to hold the certificate. Mr Graham paid an annual rent of £60 and was granted a licence on 13/04/1898.

Robert Graham gave up the pub at the start of the First World War. This is when George Quinn acquired the licence in 1915. George too was living at a well to do address at 40 Abbotsford Place.

The Quinn family continued to serve the locals here until the 1970s. Other members of the Quinn family included, Daniel McKillop Quinn, Daniel also had the The Royal Oak Bar, 248 Nitshill Road. Daniel Duffy, James Quinn and Mary Agnes Quinn.

Can you remember any of the pubs on Oxford Street, if so please get in touch, or do you remember any other pub names in the area.


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