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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Quaich.

21-23 Paisley Road West, Glasgow. G51.

The Quaich

The Quaich. 1991.

There has been a pub on this site since at least the 1890s, landlord Robert Gordon occupied the premises until the end of the 1800s.

Charles Murray then took over the licence until October 1907. Well known publican Patrick McNeil then took over the running of the pub, which stayed in the same family for well over 50 years.

When the Empire Exhibition came to Glasgow in 1938 Paisley Road West saw many shops and pubs get face lifts, most of the pub here were refurbished including the Exhibition Bar, before this the pub was known as McNeil's. Mr Molloy one of the trustees of the late Patrick McNeil had the pub reconstructed to allow for a new bar counter and to install an up-to-date and well equipped gantry and two cosy alcoves for the rush of people visiting the exhibition.

The licensee of the pub was then Sarah McNeil, a new office was also installed on the premises.

In 1960 the pub was reconstructed again and had a name change, The Quaich Bar. During the alterations a new lounge bar was added in to basement. The lounge had new grey carpets added, walnut and mahogany paneling was used tastefully, in front of the canopied bar two walnut columns decorated with pink mirrors was added with ample table and chairs. A feature of the public bar was a large illuminated gantry with pink mirrors.

Quaich interior

Interior views at the opening 1960.

Quaich interior2 Quaich interior3

Licensee Daniel Miller Gordon invited several trade personalities including guests of the directors of the Improved Public Houses (Scotland) Ltd, I G Donaldson of the Vaux Steel, Coulson-Usher Group, Leslie Bubb, general manager of the I P H and Councilor Mrs M Omnet, she stated that when facilities of such a standard were available, men should not hesitate to visit them accompanied by their ladies.

Quaich interior5

Center Mr I G Donaldson with two members of the Bluebell Girls from the Lido, Paris, who were present at the opening.

Daniel Miller Gordon

Leslie Bubb, J Young and licensee Daniel Miller Gordon.

Mr D M Gordon took over the Stadium Bar, Ibrox in 1967.

The Quaich Bar has now been closed for years, on several occasions a sign has appeared above the door TO LET.

I passed here recently and noticed that a bookies has taken over the property.




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