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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Parkgate.

10-12 Craigton Road, Glasgow. G51 3TB. Tel: 01414452751.


Patk Gate

The Park Gate.

This pub is probably better known as the Tall Cranes.

Opened in 1966 by Scottish & Newcastle Breweries Ltd, licensee was Robert McBride and managed by Frank McFadyen. In 1971 the Tall Cranes had a talent competition which gathered many good singers in the Govan area of the city. The finals was judged by Celtic goalkeeper John Fallon who picked the winner from 9 contestants. The first prize of £25.00 was awarded to Elizabeth Murray, second prize to Mr John Callaghan and third went to Moyra McLaughlin.

Manager Frank McFadyen challenged any pub in the city to match six of their contestants against six from the Tall Cranes.

Tall Cranes

Exterior view of the Tall Cranes 2004.

The locals of this pub were proud at the fact that a Celtic goalkeeper was in this pub as it is one of the few Celtic shops in the area. In the past this pub has been known for it's sectarianism and has nearly lost it's licence as a result of Rangers and Protestant Religion hatred posters on the walls. This pub is a no go area unless you are a Celtic supporter.

John Fallon, Elizabeth Myrray, Frank McFadyen

left to right John Fallon, Celtic Football Club, Miss Elizabeth Murray, winner of the talent competition, Frank McFadyen, manager of the Tall Cranes.

This pub is a No Go Area, when I visited the pub it was full of junkie's drunk's and shoplifter's. The locals even tried to steal my camera. In all this pub should be demolished and never rebuilt. The locals seem to run this den of antiquity.


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