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The Oriental Bar.

13 Hutcheson Street, Glasgow. G1 1SL. Tel: 0141552.


Oriental Bar

The Oriental Bar. 1991.

This very old city centre hostelry has a great history to read more click here.

The Oriental Bar 1980s

The Oriental. 1980s.

In 1970...

One of the licensees' George Johnston died in 1970, he was 67 years of age. Mr Johnston, who had been in the trade all his life, was left the business when the previous licensee died around 1962. Previously Mr Johnston had been manager of the Oriental Bar for thirteen years. George was survived by two sons and four daughters.

George Johnston 1970

Mr George Johnston. 1970.

Advert for the Oriental Bar

Advert for John Baillie's pubs the Oriental Bar and the Empite.


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