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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan



Abronhill Shopping Centre, Cumbernauld.

Barley Loft 1972

Provost Murray is seen pulling the first pint by Mr. Gavin Reed. 1972.

Imaginative venture in Cumbernauld

The Maltings public house in the new Abronhill shopping centre, Cumbernauld, was officially opened for business last week.

Mr. Gavin Reed, director of the Scottish and Newcastle Breweries, hotels and managed houses division welcomed guests to a reception in the Barley Loft lounge to mark the opening. The guests included members and officials of the Town Council and the Development Corporation of Cumbernauld, as well as local shopkeepers.

Maltings interior 1972

An interior view of the Barley Loft in the new pub, The Maltings, Cumbernauld.

The guests heard Mr. Reed praise the main contractors for the pub, Robert R Bryce of Wishaw for completing the building a head of schedule despite building strike earlier in the year.

Mr Bryce handed over to the new town's provost Mr. Gordon Murray, who gave a short address before pulling the first pint to declare the bar open. Provost Murray described the layout of the Maltings as "imaginative", and said he and his colleagues on the licensing planning committee had the most impressed by it during a recent inspection.

Its a building for real recreation and not just a drinking den, he said "It is a place where husbands will be able to take their wives and children to an enjoyable evening."

Mrs June Duffield 1972

Mrs. June Duffield, manageress. 1972.

Also at the opening ceremony, presentations were the manageress Mrs. June Duffield, to mark the move from the Kestrel in Cumbernauld town centre another Scottish and Newcastle house, and Provost Murray.

Mrs June Duffield's appointment completes a double for the family , her husband Joe id the manager of the Kestrel.

Maltings advert 1973

The Maltings advert 1973.

Maltings advert 1975

The Maltings, Pine Road, Abronhill, Cumbernauld advert 1975.


In the NEWS 1977...

Maltings 1977

Miss Evening Times Linda McShane presenting trophies to three winning Cumbernauld pubs who had entered the National Inter-Pubs competition.

The competition involved the raising of money for the Muscular Dystrophy Group of Great Britain.

The winning pub was the Maltings, Abronhill, which raised £602, the Red Comyn, Kildrum, was second, and the Castlecory Hotel was third.

Linda is in the centre of the picture. On her left are Bill Mochan and his wife Nancy of the Maltings. On Linda's right is Jimmy Ormiston, chairman of Cumbernauld branch of the Muscular Dystrophy Group.

On the left of the picture is Kenneth McMillan of Castlecory Hotel and on the right George Blackwood at the Red Comyn.


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