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La Costiera Ristorante.

51 West Regent Street, Glasgow.

La Costiera West Regent Street

La Costiera, West Regent Street adverts 1977.


In the NEWS 1979...

Since it opened 18 months ago La Costiera Ristorante in West Regent Street has become one of Glasgow's top night spots.

Now Crolla Brothers, who own the restaurant, have expanded to take over the Ivanhoe Hotel in Buchanan Street.

Crolla Brothers plan to completely modernise the Ivanhoe, once one of Glasgow's finest hotels. This week saw the opening of the restaurant, Buonasera, which the company feel has the potential to become one of the finest Italian restaurants in Glasgow.


The a la carte menu in Buonasera will have a definite Italian influence but there is also a good selection of European dishes to choose from if you like to eat Italienne.

But according to Mr. Arfredo Crolla Glaswegians can eat spaghetti and lasagne with the best of them.

Buonasera will also be offering a businessman's lunch seven days a week for around £2 and a special pre-theatre meal between 5.30 and 7 p.m. for just £1 dearer.

"And in the lounge bar we will have bar snacks with such dishes as lasagne and spaghetti as Italian specialities," said Mr. Crolla.

Mr Crolla reckons that Buonasera with its cosy intimate atmosphere will seat about 80 people. The opening of the Buonasera is only the first of many changes within the Ivanhoe.

Mr. Crolla hopes that the others will be complete within the next six months.

"Under my supervision I see plenty of scope for improvement not only on the food side of the business but in every other area too." Mr. Crolla said.


Anyone with the least knowledge of Italian knows that Buonasera means, Good Evening, and that's exactly what Mr. Crolla and his staff promise customers in their super new restaurant.

La Costiera advert 1977

La Costiera advert 1977

La Costiera advert 1979

La Costiera advert 1979.


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